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The rate shown by AirBNB is an average.
Our weeks range from $4,950 to $25,000 per week
Minimum days are 7 in June, July, August & September
Other months the minimum days are 4
Due to limitations with Airbnb’s reservation system the pricing you see may be off. Please contact me at ‘”Captain Morse House” and I will be happy to provide an accurate quote. Complete rules and requirements are provided upon request.
If you are interested in staying here please try and find the Captain Morse House to complete your inquiries. This should be easy to do. Once we have spoken you can complete your reservation on the AirBNB platform.


Airbnb uses scare tactics to keep you on their platform. This is their statement to their potential travelers.

While there are risks associated with any internet activity ask yourself what is riskier.

  • Providing your personal information and credit card to a large multi national corporation.
  • Providing your personal information to an actual human being that has a ten year reputation for flawless honesty. We do not take or store your credit card.


Best Regards,


Norman Platt Johnson
The Captain Morse House
80 North Water Street #34
Edgartown, MA 02539

VCJ Property, LLC
220 MacFarlane Drive #902S
Delray Beach, FL 33483