Captain Morse House
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Significant Changes for 2019 – check your listing websites

  • Increase of bedrooms from 11 to 12 with addition of a room on 1st floor with ensuite shower bath and sleeper sofa
  • Increase in occupancy from 23 to 25
  • Ferry Tickets Available for main open weeks
  • Allow Animals / Pets with prior approval (no surprises allowed)
  • Updated Bedrooms #1 Master and #2


Mass. Short Term Rental Lead Disclosure

The Captain Morse House was built in 1840 and
has lead paint present. The state of Mass. requires
that the following form be provided to renters. It is
also part of our standard lease that we send out.

Guest Service Support

Use this email for ALL customer service requests
It goes to several people

Heidi Raihofer – Caretaker <heirai1@gmail.com>
508-627-4210 (cell preferred) or 508-693-9082 (home)

Robert Courcier – Emergency <rcourcier@gmail.com>

Ariana Leoncio – Cleaning <arianaleoncio@gmail.com>

Police or Fire dial 911

Non Emergencies such as noise 508-627-4343

Mass. Insurance Disclosure Form

Mass. Real Estate Brokers request that this form be
signed stating that VCJ Property, LLC knows that the
state of Mass. requires $1,000,000 in insurance.
We carry that insurance as a matter of course.


Ariana Leoncio – Cleaning <arianaleoncio@gmail.com>

Cartage / Recycling

ABC Disposal 508-693-5659
Trash pick up schedule: Tuesday & Saturday
REcycling pick up schedule: Saturday Only
Guests MUST take out all trash Friday Night
Note that on the guests arrival some barrels 
may be full pending the Tueday AM pickup


SSID: CMHNETX   pwd: hector80

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Top Captain Morse House Pictures



Spruce up your agencies website with professional pictures for your website. Below are links to the top 24 and 60 pictures of the Captain Morse House.

They are done in these sizes
3840 x 2160 Pixels
16 x 9 ratio
72 DPI

If you want different sizes please let me know and we will be happy to send them along.

Top 24 Captain Morse House Photos

These Captain Morse House photos are the best 24
pictures we have available

Top 60 Captain Morse house Pictures

These pictures were taken by a professional photographer in early July 2019

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