After 64 years we have put the Captain Morse House up for sale. This will mark only the 3rd time in the 180 year history of the house that it will change hands. The house is in perfect condition and fully equipped and furnished. It can be used as an elegant summer home or it can continue as a successful summer vacation rental. The price is 7.5 million.

For renters we are currently booking for 2020. Our lease does not allow cancellation simply for a change of ownership. This was done for two reasons. 1) To give you the confidence to rent and 2) to continue our successful vacation rental business which we have built over eleven years. The last thing we want to do is impact our rental income and then be forced into a sale. Therefore, we are currently writing rentals for 2020. You can examine our lease at this. LINK

For potential buyers the house is on the market only for the summer of 2019 starting May 1st and lasting until October 15th. We will re-evaluate our plans after October 15th

If we are successful in a sale 2020 will likely be the last year that the house is available as a vacation rental. People fall in love with the property. The fact that it is little changed with many original features and details only adds to its uniqueness. Simply put, you cannot have a more authentic and meaningful vacation experience.

If we are not successful, we will continue to run the house to the same high standards that we have maintained for the past 11 years.

Why sell such an iconic house? Well I get this question a lot so I may as well answer it now.

  • 11 years of property rental management is a pretty good run
  • I am turning 65 so it is time to retire
  • The average ownership time period, coincidentally, appears to be around 65 years. Bulit by John O. Morse in 1840, bought by the Dinsmore family at the turn of the century and then in 1955 by Norman Dudley Johnson.
  • You never really own these historic houses. You just keep them up for the next generation.

Inquiries for sale can be made directly to Platt Johnson. Brokers protected.