Sharing The House

Sharing the Captain Morse House with friends?

Check out our suggested room rates

We only rent the home to one person for a specific period of time. In other words we will sign a lease with one person and then that person will be responsible for charging their friends a fair amount for the room they use. Here are some suggestions on how to divide up the rooms and expenses. Use the floor plans to identify the rooms.
All rates are per room, not per person.

1st Floor – $500

$250 Back Bedroom with en suite bath and shower. #11
$250 Front game room with deluxe sleeper sofa and comfort air mattress with ensuite bath and shower.

2nd Floor – $1,775

$400 Master bedroom with Queen bed and access to the front porch and elevator. #1
$300 Twin Bed front room with access to the front porch. #2
$250 Queen Bedroom. Small quiet room with two closets. #3
$350 Middle Room. Large room that can be set up either as two twins or a California King. #4
$350 Green Room. Large room that can be set up either as two twins or a California King.. #5*
$175 Small private single with closet. #6
$100 per bed in the loft above the back living room. There is one bunk bed and one single sleeping three.
Note: There are four baths on this floor that can be assigned or shared as you please.
* The access to the Green Bedroom #5 is either through bedroom #4 or through the bunk room and bedroom #6 however this room can be assigned a private bath.

3rd Floor – $600

$150 per each or three single bedrooms. These are all private rooms. #7, 8 & 9
$250 Front attic room with two twin beds that can be arranged as you please. #10
Note: all of these rooms share one bathroom on the top floor.

If you add all of the rooms up you get to $2,875 for one night, $20,125 for two etc.. If you are being charged $5,000 that would give you some wiggle room. Ask me for an exact quote for your planned visit.