Pets at the Captain Morse House

We generally advise against bringing animals into the house as they can add wear and tear to the house, track in ticks, sand fleas and sand. That’s not mentioning the not uncommon possibility of your animal being sprayed by a skunk.

So with all that said we are sure that your pets will be more comfortable at home with a pet sitter or in a quality kennel. If you really can’t live without them accompanying you on your trip there are local kennels available however your pet is not allowed on the premises during your visit.

If that still doesn’t work then these are the general terms where we have had to make an exception for a small pet that is part of a wedding celebration.

  • $500 in additional rent
  • $2,000 additional security deposit
  • Pets cannot be left unattended in the house.
  • A receipt provided by fax to 888-675-3294 or by email showing that the dog has been professionally groomed and nails clipped within one week of the visit to the house.

Consider your pet’s health before you bring them with you to the island.